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Area rug is a remarkable addition to your home. Like fine paintings or well-placed wall decoration, area rug adds character and enhances the looks of your room. Not like wall decoration, area rug normally gets a massive level of foot traffic. Area rug is often setup in high traffic room to liven up, decorate and protect these areas. However, what will you do to protect the rugs? Call Area rug cleaning Woodbridge VA company for help.

Similar to upholstered furniture and carpet, an area rug acts as air filter for your home. It traps bacteria, dirt and allergens and prevent any unhealthy elements from going to other space of your home. However, an area rug is just able to carry this out properly when they are kept clean and maintained. Like an air conditioner system, area rugs also needed to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. We at Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc provide superior are rug cleaning Woodbridge VA, focusing on proper care and careful attention to every detail, which restores the area rug to its original condition while getting rid of allergens and dirt.

We are well trained to clean any forms of rugs, right from common area rug to delicate and expensive Persian or Oriental rugs. In cleaning your area rug, we use state of the art equipment and tools to clean no matter what type of area rug you may have, it doesn’t matter if it is wool, cotton, synthetic, silk or any other types.

Our efficient, yet gentle rug cleaning procedures preserve the color of your area rug, keeping the colors fresh and vibrant. Cleaning your own area rug can make the problem worse. We at Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc do everything to ensure your area rug looks vibrant, beautiful and revived after the cleaning process.

Some area rug cleaning companies in Woodbridge use carpet cleaning products that have residues after cleaning process. This attracts more dust and dirt and counteracts the benefits of cleaning. We only use carpet cleaning products that do not leave dirt attracting residue. So, this assures you that your area rug is cleaner, safer as well as healthier for pets and kids.

What Hiring Professional Area Rug Cleaning Woodbridge VA Means a Lot?

When you purchased your rug, perhaps you spent lots of time choosing, picking the right colors and design to match the interior of your home. So, it is extremely important to take good care of your investment. Every carpet needs special care to prolong its life. When choosing an area rug cleaning Woodbridge VA company, it is essential to pay attention to how they will clean, treat as well as handle your rug.

Our expert carpet cleaners can clean any types of area rugs and make it look fabulous. It doesn’t matter if you have a Romanian-Tabriz or a Pakistan-Keshan, you can rely on our professional cleaners to carefully clean your rug. We make sure your area rugs are handled thoroughly and cleaned by certified carpet technicians who carry out a methodical assessment on it so as to give the most efficient and safest area rug cleaning in Woodbridge VA.

Trust your expensive area rugs to Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc and let our well- trained, certified carpet experts bring the colors and patterns of your rug back to its original beauty while leaving your room healthier and cleaner for the entire family.

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