We’re approaching the season when you’ll want to show off your home to family and friends. Maybe you’ve volunteered to host the family’s holiday dinner, or maybe you just want to show off your decorations for the season or exchange gifts with friends? Whatever your reason this season, it’s our most popular time for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Keep those fabrics looking great for your guests!

Around this time of year, we can usually be ready for a visit with only a few business days’ notice (in some cases, even same day). Your guests will be impressed with the vibrancy and cleanliness that a simple vacuuming simply cannot accomplish! Why not show off your investment in the most desirable condition possible? This is especially important for our customers who don’t get regular cleanings. While your fabrics may be looking “good enough,” consider this: how many times have you walked barefoot on your carpet, leaving oils and other residue to set into the fabric? Could there be dust or dirt uniformly mixed into the original color of your carpet? Has your pet left fur or body oils on your new couch or chair? You may not notice them because they’ve accumulated over time, much like you don’t notice subtle changes in your appearance over time. Your guests may not say anything – but they may notice. Why not, instead, have them notice that your floors and furniture still look like new?

Please keep us in mind for after your holiday event, too! Heavy traffic from your guests can lead to additional soiling. As much as the cleanup usually isn’t as fun as the preparation, it is just as important for preserving your investment. Remember that the longer you have contaminants sitting in your carpet or upholstery, the more abrasive they are when rubbed against the fabric, which can lead to faster decline and more frequent repair or replacement. So let NOVA clean them professionally now, and save the investment on costly repairs later!


Pets are amazing companions. They can be your best friend and even feel like a member of your family. They can be indoor or outdoor, caged or free-roaming. Dogs, cats, amphibians, reptiles, rodents, and birds. We’ve seen them all!
Unfortunately, even the smartest of pets simply do not understand the value of your carpet, couch, bed, or chair. They’re creatures of habit, and even the best-trained animals make mistakes and have accidents. This is where NOVA can help repair and protect your investment, saving you money on replacement.
Let’s start with the most obvious damage that a pet can do: using your upholstery instead of the newspaper or litter box. From the smallest excited leaks to a full-blown accident, this can lead to devastating stains and odors. And the bad news is, once any furniture padding gets significantly wet, it’s prone to hold onto that moisture and promote mold and mildew growth. Yuck!
In this case, the best course of action is to give NOVA a call immediately and explain exactly. We can come to your home or office and determine how serious the situation is. Most animals, including dogs, usually only wet the surface, which means that a professional cleaning will often remove the odor and prevent further damage. Unfortunately, cats often tend to permeate through to the padding, which involves replacement.
But what if Sassy, Rover, or Domino did more than just wet the carpet? What if they tracked something inside from the yard, smelled something worth digging for, or decided to bite and chew on your fabric? These kinds of tears could be minor, or very noticeable. This is where our carpet repair can help save money on a total replacement. Making use of unused patches from the original carpet roll, or new patches of a similar color or design, NOVA can professionally replace portions of your carpet without the need for a wall-to-wall renovation. Again, the best course of action here is to give us a call and explain what you’re seeing so we can make the best recommendation to fit your needs.
Also, remember that pets often carry the same skin (and fur or hair) oils that humans do, and tend to be less careful about what they track in from the yard. Wipe their paws before they come inside, bathe or shower them frequently to wash out harmful oils, and avoid tricks like “roll over” on the carpet that will rub these oils into the fabric. Buy your pet a special bed to lie in, so they can be comfortable without wearing out your favorite rug, chair, or couch.
Finally, don’t let pets eat or drink on a carpeted area, even with a mat under their bowls. Pets tend to slobber when they eat or drink, sometimes leaving trails several feet from their food stations. Set them up on a tile or concrete floor that’s easier to wipe up, and monitor them when they’re in that area. Put down a towel or large mat to capture most of the mess, and wipe the floor immediately when they’re done to avoid damage to the floor underneath.
And remember… your pets are part of your family. Accidents happen, and they often have little to no control over the messes they make. Consider speaking to a trainer if you feel your pet’s behavior is correctable but frequently destructive. Fixing these problems in advance will improve your relationship with your pet and protect your investments from permanent damage!


Area rugs, Oriental rugs, Persian rugs… what’s the difference? Well, truthfully, the name doesn’t matter all that much to NOVA! From a cleaning perspective, the difference lies in the materials the rug is made of. These smaller, decorative mats are commonly more expensive than traditionally installed carpet, and it’s not necessarily just because of the intricate design. Area rugs are made from a softer, fluffier material, usually wool or silk. Unfortunately, these types of fabrics often trap contaminants more stubbornly than nylon. You’ll notice that white or beige sections of the design will start to turn yellow or even brown as dust and dirt collect among the fabrics. For this reason, we actually recommend cleaning these types of rugs more frequently than your regular carpet. Unfortunately, every rug is different, as are the environments that they’re kept in and the way they’re used. You are welcome to use your own judgement when they begin to look soiled, or you can have a member of NOVA make a professional and individual recommendation.
You’ll notice here at NOVA, we don’t USUALLY discourage self-cleaning of rugs, we simply let you make the decision based on the benefits of our professional services. That said, this is one case where we will emphatically caution you NOT to “try this at home!” Household detergents tend to stain these types of fabrics, and at the very least cause color bleeding. Suddenly, your beautifully designed rug is starting to fade and blur. Our team has the tools and know-how to professionally clean your rug in-home with only a 12-24 hour dry time. While we recommend not using the rugs during this time (including placing furniture on top of them), NOVA can provide special furniture pads if absolutely necessary. Even so, this is much less time without your rugs than if we took them off-site for cleaning, which is what many other rug cleaning companies will do!


One of the most devastating mistakes a homeowner or office worker can make is trying to clean with too much water. Carpets, fabrics, and beddings usually have cushions that are not designed to get significantly wet. This can lead to the promotion of mold and mildew, leaving undesirable odors and health hazards for pets and people.
So how can you protect your fabrics from water damage? For starters, with mattresses, consider a spill cover, which feels like an extra sheet, but absorbs a considerable amount of liquid before it reaches and stains the mattress padding.
When cleaning your fabrics with a liquid solution, look at cleaning instructions on things like mattresses, pillows, cushions, and blankets. Many times, attached tags will tell you what type of detergent and what temperature of water to use. If a cushion or pillow has a zip-off fabric cover, remove it for separate washing or cleaning; this will keep the padding completely free from water or detergent contact. It is also recommended to wet the cloth rather than the area to be cleaned. Then, dab the cloth against the fabric rather than scrubbing it. This does two things: prevents water from seeping through the top layer of fabric into the padding, and allows contaminants to be lifted onto the cloth without rubbing abrasively against the delicate top-level fabrics.
Professional carpet cleaning equipment is usually designed to use only as much water as is necessary to reach the top-level rug fabrics without seeping into carpet padding, which is why these tools are preferred over manual cleaning with a detergent mix.
Whether it’s for carpet or fabrics, if there has been a deep spill, or if a pet, leak, or other flood has significantly wet the area so much that the fabric has certainly been waterlogged, call NOVA. We can make a priority trip to your location and analyze the damage before making a recommendation. Unfortunately, some damage can only be resolved by replacing the padding. Other times, we may be able to remove the excess liquid with our professional-grade equipment before it does any significant damage.
For significant water damage, such as a major flood or pipe break, please see our section titled “Water/Mold Damage Extraction/Restoration” under the Services tab. We can begin the repair process and make recommendations for the lowest cost to get your home or office back to normal.


It can be an absolute nightmare: You spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars for your new carpet and installation. Years, or even months later, you notice the edge of the rug is no longer flush with the wall. The matting has pulled away from the floor, leaving bumps, wrinkles, and even rolls where the carpet is now loose. You frantically rearrange furniture to hide these unsightly imperfections, and in extreme cases, even avoid tripping over them or snagging the vacuum cleaner on jagged carpet edges.
Usually, this is the result of a poor installation. The carpet was not pulled tightly enough or tacked down correctly at the edges, causing it to eventually loosen throughout the room as traffic pushes and pulls on the fabric. That’s where NOVA comes in. While flattening the carpet or re-tacking the edges may provide a temporary solution, our staff prefers a more long-term fix. We detach the carpet, pull it tight, trim, and reattach it where it should be. This is all done by staff with years of training and experience in carpet repair.
Of course, this is not the only type of damage that can occur with your carpet. Pet owners frequently see tears from digging and biting. Paint, red dye, and other spills can stain or stick to the carpet fibers permanently. This is where patching comes into play. Most of the time, your carpet installers will leave behind spare patches of rug that were not used during installation. These pieces may not look exactly the same as the rest of your floor due to fading and other wear, but with a professional repair, they can take the place of damaged spots without the expense of replacing the entire carpet.
If you feel that any sections of your carpet could use repair for any reason, give NOVA a call. We can determine whether the area needs cleaning, repair, or replacement based on an expert evaluation. We want your carpet to look its best for the most reasonable price!


A common misconception is that only high-maintenance customers choose professional carpet cleaners over do-it-yourself solutions like rental equipment and grocery store detergents. People often think, “I’m handy enough to clean my own carpets, why not save the money?” And you certainly may be able to lift those stains quickly! But sometimes, it’s not just the know-how that makes a difference, and it’s not just the professional-grade equipment that protects your fabrics from abrasion during the cleaning process. It’s a combination of the two.
It has been said that in order to become an expert in something, you must log over 10,000 hours of experience. NOVA founder Paul Colletti has been working hands-on in the carpet cleaning business for close to 20 years. Even if you only consider his time as an owner-operated business since 2002, he’s logged over 27,000 hours over the last 13 years. That puts him at a lifelong total of nearly four times the experience of an expert!
Think of the quality of care you’re getting when Paul not only brings top-of-the-line equipment to your home or office, but knows the exact techniques on how to use it properly. You’ll get the most thorough and effective cleaning possible with every visit, without risking unnecessary wear on your carpet or fabrics! And with NOVA’s service guarantee, any stubborn stains or spots that return shortly after the cleaning will be re-treated quickly and at no additional cost. Even store-bought detergents with a money-back guarantee will only cover the cost you paid for the product. They will not save you the time and hassle of redoing the work yourself, and you still risk further damage to the surface you’re cleaning.
Why not give NOVA a call to professionally evaluate the needs of your carpet, and let us provide the quality of service that only an expert with the best equipment can provide!


With warmer weather just around the corner, many of our customers are calling NOVA to help with spring cleaning. Here are some seasonal reminders that will help keep your carpet in good shape in nicer weather.
First, remember the importance of proper foot traffic. When the flip-flops come out of storage, we tend to walk barefoot in the house more often, which is abrasive to your carpet fibers and leaves behind skin oils. This means more frequent cleanings to keep your carpet looking, feeling, and smelling fresh. Instead, try low-cut, thin socks when walking inside.
Also remember, it’s easy to protect your carpet from visible contaminants like snow and salt in the winter. But mud, sand, dust, and gravel can easily be tracked in from your shoes, so it’s still a good idea to leave them on a mat or rack by the door, or in a separate mud room where they won’t come in contact with your carpet at all.
Finally, we know spring cleaning often means deep cleaning, but it doesn’t have to be aggressive! Scrubbing carpets and fabrics even with the softest brushes or cloths can be very abrasive and wear down the microscopic fibers in your carpet. This is irreversible damage, as is the staining that often happens when trying to spot-clean chairs, couches, and other smooth fabrics. Why not hire NOVA to professionally clean these surfaces after you vacuum? We take out all the guesswork and guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results, and that our team will protect your investment and help minimize wear and tear during the cleaning process. Give us a call and make your appointment now!

Office vs Home Carpet – Whats The Difference?

You may have noticed that carpets designed and suited for home use do not always make sense for an office space, or vice-versa. But have you ever considered what the difference is, or why one fabric or style may work for one application and not the other?

In the home, nylon and polyester are the preferred fabrics. These provide a more comfortable feel when shoes are not worn, and do not hold furniture marks or stains quite as easily. We usually recommend nylon for its comfort and longevity, and the fact that it can usually release any oil-based stains. Polyester does release water-based stains better, but tends to be ruined more easily by oil-based stains. Consider these when choosing your next carpet, as the most likely forms of stains in your home could very well dictate which material you should install.

In most office spaces, carpets are designed with function and longevity in mind before comfort or appearance. This usually leads to the use of what we call a short-loop polypropylene fabric. While this tends to run more easily when snagged, it is much less susceptible to stain, and is designed for heavy foot traffic with very little fabric wear. However, once polypropylene is stained, or receives an imprint from long-term furniture placement, these more hearty fibers tend to hold their imperfections more stubbornly. While we recognize that it’s not always possible, we do recommend using furniture pads and/or rearranging furniture frequently to avoid these harsh marks becoming permanently impressed into your office flooring.

Heavy Stain Cleanings

Ink, paint, and red dye can be particularly stubborn almost immediately when introduced to a carpet. For this article, we want to address cleaning of these specific kinds of spot cleanings. Remember, these tips apply ONLY to carpets, as upholstery should NEVER be spot-cleaned to avoid rings or spots.

Anything red in color, such as red wine or fruit juice with Red 40 dye, tends to set very quickly into fabrics. As we mentioned in our spot treating article, customers tend to frantically scrub these areas, which is not recommended as it can have a similar effect to over-sanding a block of wood. You may remove the color, but there could now be irreversible damage to the quality of the fabrics. In addition, over-treating with detergent may in fact set the stain into the rug. For instances like this, we strongly recommend calling NOVA for an urgent cleaning. We carry a dye remover that can attempt to either open up the pores of the fibers to release the contaminant, or neutralize the color of the stain.

Unfortunately, there is the risk that heavy stains, especially from materials like paint or candle wax, may not be removable even with a professional cleaning. In these cases, NOVA can carefully replace the damaged sections. This usually requires extra pieces of the original rug, which means that because the unused pieces have not worn or faded evenly with the rest of your floor, it may not look completely natural, but still better than the section being permanently stained. Please contact us for more information so that we can make these repairs look as seamless as possible.

Spot Cleaning Your Carpet

Spills, leaks, stains, and other residue don’t always present themselves evenly on a fabric. One or two spots, especially if they’re heavy and easily noticeable, can often lead our customers to attempt spot treatments on their own. But before you start scrubbing, bleaching, or cleaning individual areas of your fabrics to remove those stubborn stains, please read this brief article and consider calling NOVA for a professional stain removal, to avoid permanent damage to your fabrics.

For starters, no fabric should ever be “scrubbed” with any form of cloth. Much like the soles of your shoes are abrasive against the delicate fibers of your carpet, even the softest of cleaning fabrics can wear against the fibers of your rug. Even if you’ve lifted the contaminants, there may now be permanent fraying, unwinding, or even tearing of microscopic yarn, none of which can be corrected. This may not be immediately apparent, but as time goes on, you’ll find that this section will not wear evenly with the rest of the floor, and may require earlier repair or replacement. Additionally, you should never spray a detergent directly onto a carpet or upholstery material, as this makes the soap harder to remove, and could leave an additional stain or spread the existing one.

Instead, if a spot treatment is necessary on your carpet, spray a cleaning cloth with as little detergent as possible, and dab it into the soiled section. Paper towel can be just as effective as a reusable cloth, though this is especially important with the “no scrubbing” rule, as paper towels can shred when rubbed, not only wearing out your fabric but leaving behind wet, shredded paper that can prove difficult to untangle from your carpet fibers. If these gentle techniques do not lift the stain or clean the soiled area immediately, a full and professional cleaning with commercial-grade equipment may be necessary; contact NOVA for a free quite.

Please note that it is NEVER recommended to attempt spot-cleaning on upholstery, only on carpets. Spotting and rings can appear if any upholstery fabric is not cleaned evenly.

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