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Carpet Stretching Northern VirginiaWe’ve all seen it – and it’s especially common in hastily-carpeted office spaces or do-it-yourself projects. When carpets are not properly installed, over time they may begin to appear warped and pull away from the floor and wall. Bumps, wrinkles, and loose carpet are unsightly trip hazards that can ultimately lead to untimely replacement of your carpet. Often times, this happens as early as 2-4 years into the life of the carpet.

That’s why NOVA provides carpet stretching services for Northern Virginia. We don’t just flatten loose areas; we will detach the carpet, pull it tight, trim, and reattach it where it should be, removing all slack material and allowing the carpet to sit tight against your floor. Best of all, this is being done, as all of our services are, by carpeting specialists with the appropriate certifications to give you the best appearance once the work is completed!

But what about other carpet damage? Over time, pet damage (digging, biting, etc.), permanent paint spills, and other irreversible stains are almost inevitable, even for the most cautious tenants. When this happens, patchwork and carpet replacement are often the only option. This is always a last resort, as even the newest carpet will have minor wear and fading from normal use, and may not match the patch exactly, but is a much more cost-effective solution than entire carpet replacement. Our specialists have decades of experience in these types of repairs and making the patches look as natural as possible. Why put such extensive and intricate work in the hands of someone with less expertise?

If you have any questions or would like more information about our carpet stretching and repair program, please contact us!

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