Carpet Care Tips

Spot Cleaning Your Carpet

Spills, leaks, stains, and other residue don’t always present themselves evenly on a fabric. One or two spots, especially if they’re heavy and easily noticeable, can often lead our customers to attempt spot treatments on their own. But before you start scrubbing, bleaching, or cleaning individual areas of your fabrics to remove those stubborn stains, please read this brief article and consider calling NOVA for a professional stain removal, to avoid permanent damage to your fabrics.

For starters, no fabric should ever be “scrubbed” with any form of cloth. Much like the soles of your shoes are abrasive against the delicate fibers of your carpet, even the softest of cleaning fabrics can wear against the fibers of your rug. Even if you’ve lifted the contaminants, there may now be permanent fraying, unwinding, or even tearing of microscopic yarn, none of which can be corrected. This may not be immediately apparent, but as time goes on, you’ll find that this section will not wear evenly with the rest of the floor, and may require earlier repair or replacement. Additionally, you should never spray a detergent directly onto a carpet or upholstery material, as this makes the soap harder to remove, and could leave an additional stain or spread the existing one.

Instead, if a spot treatment is necessary on your carpet, spray a cleaning cloth with as little detergent as possible, and dab it into the soiled section. Paper towel can be just as effective as a reusable cloth, though this is especially important with the “no scrubbing” rule, as paper towels can shred when rubbed, not only wearing out your fabric but leaving behind wet, shredded paper that can prove difficult to untangle from your carpet fibers. If these gentle techniques do not lift the stain or clean the soiled area immediately, a full and professional cleaning with commercial-grade equipment may be necessary; contact NOVA for a free quite.

Please note that it is NEVER recommended to attempt spot-cleaning on upholstery, only on carpets. Spotting and rings can appear if any upholstery fabric is not cleaned evenly.

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Carpet Care Tips


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