Carpet Care Tips

Office vs Home Carpet – Whats The Difference?

You may have noticed that carpets designed and suited for home use do not always make sense for an office space, or vice-versa. But have you ever considered what the difference is, or why one fabric or style may work for one application and not the other?

In the home, nylon and polyester are the preferred fabrics. These provide a more comfortable feel when shoes are not worn, and do not hold furniture marks or stains quite as easily. We usually recommend nylon for its comfort and longevity, and the fact that it can usually release any oil-based stains. Polyester does release water-based stains better, but tends to be ruined more easily by oil-based stains. Consider these when choosing your next carpet, as the most likely forms of stains in your home could very well dictate which material you should install.

In most office spaces, carpets are designed with function and longevity in mind before comfort or appearance. This usually leads to the use of what we call a short-loop polypropylene fabric. While this tends to run more easily when snagged, it is much less susceptible to stain, and is designed for heavy foot traffic with very little fabric wear. However, once polypropylene is stained, or receives an imprint from long-term furniture placement, these more hearty fibers tend to hold their imperfections more stubbornly. While we recognize that it’s not always possible, we do recommend using furniture pads and/or rearranging furniture frequently to avoid these harsh marks becoming permanently impressed into your office flooring.

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Carpet Care Tips


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