Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use green chemicals?

Well, we use water, and that’s natural, right? Joking aside, we do not use organic detergents or deodorants by default, because we find they take a bit longer to use than a “chemical” product (simply meaning it’s not found naturally in the form we use). That said, we are always willing to accommodate a special request for all-natural products at no additional charge.

Why not just do it myself? / Why do I need this service?

A valid question! Frequent cleaning of your carpet and upholstery will lengthen the life of your investment. It relieves stress to the fabric from body oils, dirt, and other foreign bodies. It maintains a clean smell for the fabric and makes it more comfortable during regular use. But fabric cleaning may not be the best do-it-yourself project! Most fabrics are very temperamental and can easily bleed, wear, or stain without using the proper best practices. Allow NOVA the opportunity to give your carpets and upholstery the care they need to last longer and protect your investment!

Who’s doing the work?

You may have noticed our web site mentions our team “members” as plural – just in case we hire employees in the future! However, as of right now, NOVA is entirely owner-operated, meaning certified carpet and upholstery specialist Paul Colletti. You can read more about him on the About page.

How long will my appointment take?

Each service is different, and it depends on the number of square feet to be treated and the extensiveness of the work to be done. For example, our residential carpet cleanings usually take about 2 ½ hours to complete, but can be longer if there are deeper stains, or less if we are only treating a portion of the home. Please contact us for a more customized time estimate.

How quickly can you get here?

We will make every attempt to make a same-day appointment if time permits, especially for time-sensitive cleanings like urgent stain removal. During busier seasons, appointments can be made only a few days in advance!

How long does drying take?

Each of our services requires slightly different drying time due to different detergents used. While carpet cleanings usually take 12-24 hours to fully dry, upholstery often dries within 2-3 hours, but water and mold repair can take up to 3 days. We recommend contacting us or reviewing the details for your particular service here on the website for more information?

How should I prepare for my cleaning?

Vacuum, dust, or otherwise remove all debris from the areas we will be cleaning. Do attempt to spot treat any areas of concern. Oftentimes, our cleaning can remove smaller, more stubborn particles, but larger items (basically, anything that could be sucked up by a vacuum cleaner) may not be picked up by our equipment, and may make it more difficult for us to get to those more stubborn particles.

What will it cost to have NOVA do my cleaning?

Our pricing varies largely based on square footage, time needed at your property, and extensiveness of work (for example, whether you have a minor stain requiring a professional spot treatment, or one that requires a more powerful agent and specialized application for removal). Please contact us with your inquiry and we will provide a free estimate!

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