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Hiring Experienced Carpet Cleaners in Northern VA

There are reliable carpet cleaners in Northern VA so you don’t really have to stress yourself silly by cleaning your own carpeting. Have you tried cleaning them, DIY-style? Without the proper experience — let alone equipment — the chore can make you feel extremely tired without the satisfaction of having thoroughly cleaned carpets.

We at Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc. would like to help you out by providing you with easy access to a team of professional carpeting cleaners in the Northern VA area. Our team of experts has the know-how, skills, experience, and access to high-powered vacuums, steamers, and cleaning agents. This means that you can expect your carpeting to be good as new when we’re done cleaning them.

Dirty carpets are eyesores. And without the help of professionals, you’ll only get as far as surface cleaning. This means that although you might get some dirt and dust off of your carpets, you won’t get those that have been embedded into the material. You also won’t be able to manage any dust mites or bacteria, which can only be removed via heavy steam pressing.

At Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc., our process starts with a cleaning agent pre-spraying. This is how we treat the carpets we clean. Initially, it is important to let the cleaning agents seep into the material to loosen any buildup, which will then be removed via steaming, brushing, and vacuuming. We rinse carpets with water to ensure that apart from any remaining dirt, we get all of the cleaning agents out, leaving you with a deodorized carpet that looks good as new.

Although we don’t take all day to clean your carpets, as our carpet cleaners in Northern VA are very efficient, we also see to it that we spend enough time to ensure a thorough cleansing. From the treating to washing to drying, it may take anywhere from 3 to 6 to 12 hours on average. It is also common practice for us to recommend that the newly cleaned carpeting be allowed to stand for a full day or two before being exposed to foot traffic.

When you avail of our cleaning services for carpeting, you’ll save time and money. We work efficiently because we’ve been in the business for years. We also know how to properly clean carpets made from different materials so we can clean them right, fast, and effectively. Our carpet cleaners in Northern VA have access to specialized equipment so that’s another investment you won’t have to spend on.

Health-wise, we can clean carpets from the inside out, leaving you with clean breathing air when you arrive home. We also use non-toxic cleaning agents so exposure to toxic fumes won’t be an issue when you work with us at Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc.

So if you need some help with your carpets, do not hesitate to call us for a consult. Let us help you with carpet maintenance. You can rely on our highly experienced carpet cleaners in Northern VA to deliver a job well-done each and every time.

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