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Keep Your Home Healthy with a Professional Carpet Cleaner in Northern Virginia

Do you need a carpet cleaner in Northern Virginia? Allow us at Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc. to be of help to you.

Pets, children, foot traffic, and normal wear and tear tend to make carpets lose their luster. They make carpets look dull, dirty, and old.

You probably vacuum your carpet daily or regularly to keep it clean. However, comparison studies show that there is nothing like having your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner in Northern Virginia.

How can we help you?

By providing first-rate carpet cleaning, your carpet cleaner in Northern Virginia gives your carpet a deep clean that makes it look new and beautiful once again. As a result, your home looks brighter and more attractive.

Hiring our services does not only enhance the way your home feels and looks like. It helps you keep your family healthy as well.

You probably need to vacuum your carpet thrice a week or daily, especially if a member of your household has asthma or snoring issues. This schedule, however, may not be enough. You need our services to give your carpet the professional cleaning it requires so that you are able to give your family a cleaner, healthier home.

A dirty carpet is host to a range of air pollutants, including lead, cockroach allergens, pet dander, and dust mites, in addition to everyday dirt. Noxious gases that are airborne can hold fast onto these particles and stay trapped in your carpet.

When your family or pets walk across the carpet — or even when you vacuum the carpet — the gases are released and thus pollute the air.

We have high-powered vacuums and specially formulated carpet shampoos and cleaning agents to eliminate deeply embedded pollutants and kill the harmful bacteria hiding in your carpet.

Dust mites are harmful microscopic creatures. You may not even know that you have them in your surroundings. They tend to scatter body fragments and feces around. When inhaled, these particles can cause or aggravate allergies.

At Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc., we steam-clean carpets. This technique allows us to clean your carpet at really high temperatures that kill dust mites.

When the weather is humid, your carpet is at high risk for promoting mold and mildew growth. Moisture can penetrate the carpet fibers and sink deep. The carpet can also become damp from spills which are not vacuumed or wiped dry immediately.

We help prevent mildew and molds from forming by using high-capacity drying tools that efficiently and effectively eliminate moisture. By getting rid of moisture, we prevent the formation and growth of mold and help keep your home and your family healthy.

You cannot get rid of all the grime, oil, and dirt that tend to accumulate in your carpet. You need us, your professional carpet cleaner in Northern Virginia, to give your carpet the deep professional cleaning it needs so it can remain clean, bright, and fresh longer.

By getting rid of trapped dirt, we eliminate bacteria and allergens and help you create a healthier home for your family.

Call us now and let’s talk about how much TLC we can give to your carpeting.

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