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If you are looking for a carpet cleaning Northern Virginia service, come and give Nova Carpet & Upholstery Inc. a try. A home and office cleaning business established in 1996, we specialize in carpet and upholstery care and cleaning for residential and commercial clients.

We’ve always believed in providing our clients top-notch service, and one of the ways we do is by sharing some of the best carpet cleaning and maintenance tips we’ve learned through the years.

On Carpet Care and Cleaning

Caring for carpets is quite easy. The same goes for upholstery, tiles, and car carpets.

With upholstery, not everything is made from fiber. But when it comes to the parts made from fiber, there is a proper way of dealing with them.

For instance, we are careful not to use hot water in cleaning. Hot temperatures can soften and cause the materials to swell. We want the fibers to remain strong but still soft to the touch.

Fiber gathers dust. We can’t totally get rid of dust but we can minimize its presence. Thus, we instruct our clients not to use their shoes when entering their house or simply walk barefoot on carpets.

Putting a large mat on the doorstep can trap dust. For doormats, we recommend using ones made of materials that can make dust stick to them.

Vacuuming regularly keeps dust from sticking to carpet fibers. We recommend that you vacuum at least once a week, preferably on weekends when you can spend more time for cleaning.

There is a proper way of vacuuming. Don’t be monotonous in the way you move your tools and when necessary, apply more pressure. If you move in only one direction, the dust that’s there in your carpets will not be agitated enough for it to be shaken off. Move up and down and sideways.

Spillages are a big menace to carpets and some don’t move quickly to minimize the damage that spillages can cause. So it’s best to act immediately when spills occur.

The purpose is not only to quickly dry the affected part but also to quickly minimize the spread of the liquid. Use a spatula for semi-solid content of the spill such as pasta and ground meat particles.

When wiping (using dry cloth), the direction should be from the outside to the inside. That will allow containment of the liquid in a small area. Once you’re done wiping, treat the remaining liquid by using warm water. Dry afterwards.

We have lots of these easy tips and techniques to share with you. For more tips, just get in touch with our customer representatives.

Other Services

Aside from carpet cleaning Northern Virginia, Nova Carpet & Upholstery Inc. offers other professional services:


Our services are affordable. Prices vary depending on square footage and the estimated time that we might need to use to clean your carpeting.

Visit our website for pricing details. For a free estimate, call our 24/7 carpet cleaning Northern Virginia office at (703) 491-4179.

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