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Currently one of the most reputable carpet cleaners Northern VA, Nova Carpet & Upholstery Care Inc. can clean all types of upholstery and carpets. We serve both residential and commercial clients. With us, you can expect superior service and great customer experience all throughout.

The Carpet Cleaning Process

Our company provides the best cleaning services by following industry standard cleaning processes.

First, we pre-spray rugs and carpets with hot water mixed with deodorizer and detergent. The water’s temperature may be boiling hot (200 °F or 93 °C), but don’t worry — it is still safe to use on your carpets and upholstery.

After that, we will rinse the carpet and rugs with water to wash away stains and dirt, together with the detergent. Do note that the type of detergent, deodorizer, and equipment we will use will depend on the carpeting and rug material. This is to ensure that they will be cleaned thoroughly and left undamaged.

The amount of time we will consume depends on the size or square footage of the carpet or rug. Typically, we spend almost 2 hours and 30 minutes cleaning and 6 to 12 hours drying.

We advise our customers to wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before walking on the carpet or allowing heavy foot traffic — even if the carpet feels dry. Also, if walking over the carpet is unavoidable after we treat it, practice caution since it will be slippery.

Our Equipment

We use our gasoline-powered 20 HP cleaner, which is truck-mounted, to guarantee fast and effective cleaning treatment. This device is commercial-grade, and typical consumer-grade water blasters and pressure washers cannot match it in terms of power. Our alternative solution is our portable cleaners when our truck-mounted cleaner cannot access the area to be treated.

For optimal cleaning and to reduce costs, we recommend that you vacuum your carpet before your carpet cleaners Northern VA arrive. Loose dust particles and dirt can be easily and efficiently removed by vacuum cleaners compared to using water and detergent. We can do the pre-vacuuming task, but keep in mind that it will incur an additional fee.

Scheduling and Humidity

Weather affects our cleaning appointments and schedules. We do not set appointments when high humidity is forecasted. Usually, that means that we do not work during rainy and stormy days.

The reasoning behind this is that humidity will be a big inconvenience to you. Since there will be lots of water particles in the air, the drying process of the carpet will be longer. Also, the air-conditioning in your house will be affected, which means that your AC will be burdened by the added dampness and humidity.

However, we do not cancel or reschedule — unless you request for it — even if the weather turns out to be unfavorable. In such instances, our cleaners will bring high-volume air movers to quicken your carpet’s and rug’s drying process. And by default, our carpet cleaners Northern VA will provide you with tips and guidelines to help alleviate humidity problems and make the drying process faster.

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