We’re approaching the season when you’ll want to show off your home to family and friends. Maybe you’ve volunteered to host the family’s holiday dinner, or maybe you just want to show off your decorations for the season or exchange gifts with friends? Whatever your reason this season, it’s our most popular time for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Keep those fabrics looking great for your guests!

Around this time of year, we can usually be ready for a visit with only a few business days’ notice (in some cases, even same day). Your guests will be impressed with the vibrancy and cleanliness that a simple vacuuming simply cannot accomplish! Why not show off your investment in the most desirable condition possible? This is especially important for our customers who don’t get regular cleanings. While your fabrics may be looking “good enough,” consider this: how many times have you walked barefoot on your carpet, leaving oils and other residue to set into the fabric? Could there be dust or dirt uniformly mixed into the original color of your carpet? Has your pet left fur or body oils on your new couch or chair? You may not notice them because they’ve accumulated over time, much like you don’t notice subtle changes in your appearance over time. Your guests may not say anything – but they may notice. Why not, instead, have them notice that your floors and furniture still look like new?

Please keep us in mind for after your holiday event, too! Heavy traffic from your guests can lead to additional soiling. As much as the cleanup usually isn’t as fun as the preparation, it is just as important for preserving your investment. Remember that the longer you have contaminants sitting in your carpet or upholstery, the more abrasive they are when rubbed against the fabric, which can lead to faster decline and more frequent repair or replacement. So let NOVA clean them professionally now, and save the investment on costly repairs later!