Pets are amazing companions. They can be your best friend and even feel like a member of your family. They can be indoor or outdoor, caged or free-roaming. Dogs, cats, amphibians, reptiles, rodents, and birds. We’ve seen them all!
Unfortunately, even the smartest of pets simply do not understand the value of your carpet, couch, bed, or chair. They’re creatures of habit, and even the best-trained animals make mistakes and have accidents. This is where NOVA can help repair and protect your investment, saving you money on replacement.
Let’s start with the most obvious damage that a pet can do: using your upholstery instead of the newspaper or litter box. From the smallest excited leaks to a full-blown accident, this can lead to devastating stains and odors. And the bad news is, once any furniture padding gets significantly wet, it’s prone to hold onto that moisture and promote mold and mildew growth. Yuck!
In this case, the best course of action is to give NOVA a call immediately and explain exactly. We can come to your home or office and determine how serious the situation is. Most animals, including dogs, usually only wet the surface, which means that a professional cleaning will often remove the odor and prevent further damage. Unfortunately, cats often tend to permeate through to the padding, which involves replacement.
But what if Sassy, Rover, or Domino did more than just wet the carpet? What if they tracked something inside from the yard, smelled something worth digging for, or decided to bite and chew on your fabric? These kinds of tears could be minor, or very noticeable. This is where our carpet repair can help save money on a total replacement. Making use of unused patches from the original carpet roll, or new patches of a similar color or design, NOVA can professionally replace portions of your carpet without the need for a wall-to-wall renovation. Again, the best course of action here is to give us a call and explain what you’re seeing so we can make the best recommendation to fit your needs.
Also, remember that pets often carry the same skin (and fur or hair) oils that humans do, and tend to be less careful about what they track in from the yard. Wipe their paws before they come inside, bathe or shower them frequently to wash out harmful oils, and avoid tricks like “roll over” on the carpet that will rub these oils into the fabric. Buy your pet a special bed to lie in, so they can be comfortable without wearing out your favorite rug, chair, or couch.
Finally, don’t let pets eat or drink on a carpeted area, even with a mat under their bowls. Pets tend to slobber when they eat or drink, sometimes leaving trails several feet from their food stations. Set them up on a tile or concrete floor that’s easier to wipe up, and monitor them when they’re in that area. Put down a towel or large mat to capture most of the mess, and wipe the floor immediately when they’re done to avoid damage to the floor underneath.
And remember… your pets are part of your family. Accidents happen, and they often have little to no control over the messes they make. Consider speaking to a trainer if you feel your pet’s behavior is correctable but frequently destructive. Fixing these problems in advance will improve your relationship with your pet and protect your investments from permanent damage!