Area rugs, Oriental rugs, Persian rugs… what’s the difference? Well, truthfully, the name doesn’t matter all that much to NOVA! From a cleaning perspective, the difference lies in the materials the rug is made of. These smaller, decorative mats are commonly more expensive than traditionally installed carpet, and it’s not necessarily just because of the intricate design. Area rugs are made from a softer, fluffier material, usually wool or silk. Unfortunately, these types of fabrics often trap contaminants more stubbornly than nylon. You’ll notice that white or beige sections of the design will start to turn yellow or even brown as dust and dirt collect among the fabrics. For this reason, we actually recommend cleaning these types of rugs more frequently than your regular carpet. Unfortunately, every rug is different, as are the environments that they’re kept in and the way they’re used. You are welcome to use your own judgement when they begin to look soiled, or you can have a member of NOVA make a professional and individual recommendation.
You’ll notice here at NOVA, we don’t USUALLY discourage self-cleaning of rugs, we simply let you make the decision based on the benefits of our professional services. That said, this is one case where we will emphatically caution you NOT to “try this at home!” Household detergents tend to stain these types of fabrics, and at the very least cause color bleeding. Suddenly, your beautifully designed rug is starting to fade and blur. Our team has the tools and know-how to professionally clean your rug in-home with only a 12-24 hour dry time. While we recommend not using the rugs during this time (including placing furniture on top of them), NOVA can provide special furniture pads if absolutely necessary. Even so, this is much less time without your rugs than if we took them off-site for cleaning, which is what many other rug cleaning companies will do!