It can be an absolute nightmare: You spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars for your new carpet and installation. Years, or even months later, you notice the edge of the rug is no longer flush with the wall. The matting has pulled away from the floor, leaving bumps, wrinkles, and even rolls where the carpet is now loose. You frantically rearrange furniture to hide these unsightly imperfections, and in extreme cases, even avoid tripping over them or snagging the vacuum cleaner on jagged carpet edges.
Usually, this is the result of a poor installation. The carpet was not pulled tightly enough or tacked down correctly at the edges, causing it to eventually loosen throughout the room as traffic pushes and pulls on the fabric. That’s where NOVA comes in. While flattening the carpet or re-tacking the edges may provide a temporary solution, our staff prefers a more long-term fix. We detach the carpet, pull it tight, trim, and reattach it where it should be. This is all done by staff with years of training and experience in carpet repair.
Of course, this is not the only type of damage that can occur with your carpet. Pet owners frequently see tears from digging and biting. Paint, red dye, and other spills can stain or stick to the carpet fibers permanently. This is where patching comes into play. Most of the time, your carpet installers will leave behind spare patches of rug that were not used during installation. These pieces may not look exactly the same as the rest of your floor due to fading and other wear, but with a professional repair, they can take the place of damaged spots without the expense of replacing the entire carpet.
If you feel that any sections of your carpet could use repair for any reason, give NOVA a call. We can determine whether the area needs cleaning, repair, or replacement based on an expert evaluation. We want your carpet to look its best for the most reasonable price!