A common misconception is that only high-maintenance customers choose professional carpet cleaners over do-it-yourself solutions like rental equipment and grocery store detergents. People often think, “I’m handy enough to clean my own carpets, why not save the money?” And you certainly may be able to lift those stains quickly! But sometimes, it’s not just the know-how that makes a difference, and it’s not just the professional-grade equipment that protects your fabrics from abrasion during the cleaning process. It’s a combination of the two.
It has been said that in order to become an expert in something, you must log over 10,000 hours of experience. NOVA founder Paul Colletti has been working hands-on in the carpet cleaning business for close to 20 years. Even if you only consider his time as an owner-operated business since 2002, he’s logged over 27,000 hours over the last 13 years. That puts him at a lifelong total of nearly four times the experience of an expert!
Think of the quality of care you’re getting when Paul not only brings top-of-the-line equipment to your home or office, but knows the exact techniques on how to use it properly. You’ll get the most thorough and effective cleaning possible with every visit, without risking unnecessary wear on your carpet or fabrics! And with NOVA’s service guarantee, any stubborn stains or spots that return shortly after the cleaning will be re-treated quickly and at no additional cost. Even store-bought detergents with a money-back guarantee will only cover the cost you paid for the product. They will not save you the time and hassle of redoing the work yourself, and you still risk further damage to the surface you’re cleaning.
Why not give NOVA a call to professionally evaluate the needs of your carpet, and let us provide the quality of service that only an expert with the best equipment can provide!