With warmer weather just around the corner, many of our customers are calling NOVA to help with spring cleaning. Here are some seasonal reminders that will help keep your carpet in good shape in nicer weather.
First, remember the importance of proper foot traffic. When the flip-flops come out of storage, we tend to walk barefoot in the house more often, which is abrasive to your carpet fibers and leaves behind skin oils. This means more frequent cleanings to keep your carpet looking, feeling, and smelling fresh. Instead, try low-cut, thin socks when walking inside.
Also remember, it’s easy to protect your carpet from visible contaminants like snow and salt in the winter. But mud, sand, dust, and gravel can easily be tracked in from your shoes, so it’s still a good idea to leave them on a mat or rack by the door, or in a separate mud room where they won’t come in contact with your carpet at all.
Finally, we know spring cleaning often means deep cleaning, but it doesn’t have to be aggressive! Scrubbing carpets and fabrics even with the softest brushes or cloths can be very abrasive and wear down the microscopic fibers in your carpet. This is irreversible damage, as is the staining that often happens when trying to spot-clean chairs, couches, and other smooth fabrics. Why not hire NOVA to professionally clean these surfaces after you vacuum? We take out all the guesswork and guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the results, and that our team will protect your investment and help minimize wear and tear during the cleaning process. Give us a call and make your appointment now!